Augmented Reality, Robotic Snake Arms, Machine Learning – Augmum

Who We Are

Augmum, Inc., a subsidiary of Ameritek Ventures, Inc., is a glove and glasses augmented reality technology manufacturer. Augmum creates motion-tracking robotic hands, touch-sensing gloves, and virtual-reality glasses using machine learning systems, haptic technology, and augmented technology to control its six-axis robotic arm.

What We Do

We aim to provide different business, industrial, medical, and manufacturing industries with our automated technology. We strive to reduce operating costs and increase productivity and bottom results.
Augmum's robotic augmented reality technology will debut in Passley's Jamaican Grill Casual Restaurant. It can significantly reduce the need for human resources. It can also address the concerns about maintaining a skeletal workforce during a pandemic.
With Augmum technology, different businesses across industries will experience augmented reality on a whole other level.